1. I was so excited about this, started watching this video and building the
    website on weebly at the same time, but something seems to be wrong with
    weebly. The pages don’t open, it is as if the site is down, although
    there’s no problem with any other website. The help page doesn’t open
    either. It has been going on for the last two days. I wonder what the
    second best option is (to create a website knowing no programming

  2. I hired Godaddy last year and of course they had to give me a refund cause
    they DO NOT know what they are doing. Being in Real Estate I need a web
    site and have so enjoyed David Cox. His classes have taught me how to use
    my new Apple computer and now build my own web site…David you ROCK!!

  3. I am trying to make my website using Weebly. But I didnt find column drag
    option in Structure category. Also I didn’t find the photo with text
    element as well. Have they removed these feature? 

  4. Hello!You did a really great job!I have got a question here. How to Create
    or choose a bilingual button? Thank you for your help! 

  5. It’s really amazing how easy things appear after watching your video. You
    are incredibly a talented teacher. This video was awesome. Thanks!

  6. Hey there, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about TK Explosion Easy Website
    Builder (just google it). My wife has been building some extraordinary
    websites within minutes. Fast, easy, and efficient according to her. Is
    anyone else using it?

  7. I can’t thank you enough for the excellent coaching, David. I’m moving into
    a very important (final) phase of my career, found your videos tonight, and
    can’t get enough. With much gratitude…..

  8. I totally agree with you choice of hosting company – Bluehost are fantastic.
    I’m in the U.K, and their support is brilliant.
    When I first built my website, I managed to totally wipe out my data base
    while I was experimenting with FTP.
    I e-mailed Bluehost and they restored everything for me within a few hours.
    Besides my newbies mistake, they’ve constantly been very supportive and
    continued to give excellent support.
    I always recommend them – A great company.

  9. I have both a Weebly and WordPress site, I constructed both from scratch
    without any assistance. They are both extremely easy to navigate and build.
    Thank you for the post there was one item on Weebly I was not aware of on
    the navigation bar. Your tutorials are very informative. Thank you.

  10. Geez David, I have been learning a lot from Khan Academy. Your videos are
    just as informative and I love that you guys are willing to share your
    knowledge on many subjects for free. 🙂 Thank you. 

  11. I love your videos as always but I was considering on buying a Mac version
    of Dreamweaver to build a professional website on a Mac Mini but now after
    watching this I will just simply go this route instead. You’re very
    informative and I want to thank you for your videos. 

  12. Ever wanted to build a website for your small business? Here’s a full class
    on how to do it yourself!

  13. About 4 months ago I registered a domain name with GoDaddy. I have no
    intention of using them to host my site.

    I plan on using another service such as weebly or square space to build my

    My question is: Will I have any problem porting my domain name to the new

    On a side note. Love the content that you provide. I recently switched from
    PC to a MAC. Your videos made the transition easier.


  14. Hello , Your video has been more than helpful. Following your guidelines I
    have created my own website in less than 24hrs. (still under construction).
    I wish to know if there’s any other hosting website for more personal
    website. I see weebly as more of a business website design.

  15. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for doing this video…I’ll be making
    my own site soon because of this :)